Biyernes, Agosto 5, 2011

Pinay Scandal?

Someone told me that Pinay Scandal topic is juicy. And there was a campaign initiated by Mar Macuha regarding this issue. A lot of bloggers most of them are Filipinos joined the campaign.

But then recently, Mar Macuha told his supporters to delete the blogpost about it. According to him a company is penalizing those bloggers who have this kind of blogpost.

I checked all the blogs listed on Macuha's Scandal post. And there's one popular blogger whose blogpost on Pinay Scandal is not deleted and he seems okay from the company. But the only difference of his post to the other blogposts written by other bloggers, his blogpost sounds good. Here's his post, Pinay Scandal.

From that, I can say that a writing style matters. If you write in a way like a tabloid writer, then you might end up being penalized. However, if you put quality on your writing, you will be in a right track what ever is the topic of your articles.

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